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Career In Filmmaking – How To Get Going?

You need to get your head straight and ask the most eminent question- where you belong in the filmmaking community.
Career In Filmmaking

Career In Filmmaking – How To Get Going?

Now that we know a career in filmmaking is pretty fulfilling by the article Future In Filmmaking – Future Brighter Than The Lights? the one question that arises to mind is how to start a career in filmmaking.

Let’s state the obvious, neither Filmmaking (nor The Final destination) is for the faint-hearted. You need to get your head straight and ask the most eminent question- where you belong in the filmmaking community. With such a diverse choice of positions that a filmmaking career has to offer, it’s important to set priorities.

So let’s quickly dive into what exactly filmmaking career path has to offer and how to start a filmmaking career in India.


While too many options may seem like a burden to some, in the filmmaking community, it’s a blessing. Some of the most prominent roles, off the top of our head that one can play in filmmaking are listed below:-



The governor of the set or the director has the maximum authority as well as maximum work to do when it comes to filmmaking. From managing all the cast and crew to having an in-depth knowledge of each role and story.



Perhaps one of the most overlooked positions in filmmaking. From deciding the locations to making the complete budgets of crew and equipment, all lies in their basket.


Set Designer

We have the script, we have the location but where exactly is our stage? It’s what these people do. Starting from the rough blueprints to making the enormous and breathtaking sets, these gentlemen build the roots for a fantastic scene.


Makeup/Costume Dept.

Honestly, what would we do without them? While pursuing filmmaking, this area offers vast opportunities and power from deciding what an actor would look like to finalizing his/her look, head to toe, it’s all in their hand.


While there’s so much more to it, you all first need to have a defined plan while pursuing filmmaking. Some helpful tips for the young and aspiring filmmakers out there are

Base strong

It’s never too early to start getting some filmmaking experience like scripting your own little play, taking part in filmmaking competitions or events within school or other institutions.

Dignified Degree

Although it’s a job relying highly on the creativity quotient, it can always help one to have a degree in filmmaking, like Filmmaker’s Bachelor’s Degree, just to brush up on the technical and historical aspects of filmmaking.

Extra Experience never hurts

There isn’t a limit on the number of internships or fieldwork that one can keep on adding on in his/her portfolio, so it’s always better to be hands-on towards any opportunity that comes in your way.


With the above tips, your creative mind and never giving up the spirit, all mixed together, your career in filmmaking can shine brighter than the sun!

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