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Camera in Filmmaking – Is Expensive Camera Worth it?

In the end it all comes down to your talent and presentation

Camera in Filmmaking – Is Expensive Camera Worth it?

We can all collectively agree that the first thing needed for filmmaking is a camera. While it has several other abilities to offer and is basically the jam to your bread, it most importantly helps a filmmaker’s story to weave itself onto the big screen.

Before we talk about which camera to pick from the rack, we need to know about what exactly does it do-


Artistic touch

The story and plotline are the souls of the movie but the medium to get them out from the filmmaker’s mind to the audience’s eye while keeping the originality intact and by adding some own personal touches of colors, contrasts, are these tools named cameras.


Assisting the story

As said, the camera captures and assists the point of the whole movie to showcase the story in the best way possible. Using rapid camera movements, making them blurry to depict a character’s inner mind conflict, adding dark colors for suspense are all a way to lift the story up.


Passion on point

A camera may not breathe life into a shot but it surely lightens up the passion behind it. The use of color grading, special effects to hype up the scene, and using other technical triumphs, make the cameras a special part of the filmmaking industry.



Innovation has always been part of human life, so why not filmmaking? Using the camera completely differently from the earlier times, by changing camera angles, changing shot techniques, adding special 3D effects via camera elevates the movie business to a new height.


Now that we know that cameras are indeed a special and celebrated part of the filmmaking industry, the natural dilemma faced by every beginner filmmaker, or a story creator is that whether having an expensive camera is important for their content to shine bright.

The straight answer is No.


The art of filmmaking requires one to be creative and thoughtful. It requires one to think outside the box to dig out new ideas, new concepts to blow away people. While a filmmaker goes through all these enormous processes and all these Challenges Of A Filmmaker, giving all the credit to the cameras seems wrong. While indeed a camera helps in setting a good tone, resolution, adds some aesthetic touch, it really does not matter whether you use an expensive one or a regular filmmaking camera.

There are hardly any major differences in both Expensive Vs Cheap Cameras.

The only visible difference between them is that an expensive DSLR camera offers more buttons and a comparatively durable body. While including some other options such as longer shutter life, faster autofocus, and some other basic changes, your regular camera lying over the shelf is not different as in the end it all comes down to your talent and presentation.




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